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Monch Monch

Presale of Monch Monch Prebiotic Drink Mix

Presale of Monch Monch Prebiotic Drink Mix

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Dive into the vibrant world of Monch Monch's Forest Berry blend, reminiscent of the invigorating interplay between strawberries and passionfruit. Elevate your wellness journey with a tantalizing union that harmonizes gut health, energy and overall well-being - the perfect pick-me-up.

What's Included

Each of our 2-week boxes come with 28 single-serving packets.

Each of our 1-month pouches come with 60 servings and a single-serving plastic scooper.

How/When to Use

For best use, mix 1-serving with 6-8 oz. of water. After stirring for 10-15 seconds and allowing powder to disperse, immediately consume before allowing the water to gel and solidify. Other beverages may be used, and each serving can be sprinkled on top of food as well.

Monch Monch is recommended to be taken twice daily along with or right after a meal. We recommend taking one serving with lunch and a second serving with dinner.


Our subscription function is not currently active. Stay tuned for updates, when our official sale goes live!


Specially Engineered Biolumen Fiber: Cellulose, Konjac Gum, and Carrageenan (Natural Blackberry Flavoring added to Forest Berry)

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What makes Monch Monch Stand out from other Supplements?

Monch Monch is uniquely formulated to be a multifaceted tool for your health. Unlike other products that are simply fiber supplements, we’ve specifically designed Monch Monch to assist in sugar management, gut health, digestion, clarity, and overall vitality, making it an ideal companion for anyone’s lifestyle. An effortless and delightful boost to any day.

Can Monch Monch help me manage my sugar intake?

Yes, our innovative formulation assists in sequestering and blocking sugar absorption, supporting your health-conscious lifestyle by managing sugar intake.

Is Monch Monch suitable for busy individuals?

Absolutely, Monch Monch is designed with the “on-the-go” warrior in mind, offering a convenient way to nourish your body and achieve better health with a packed schedule.

Is Monch Monch suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, Monch Monch is vegan-friendly, crafted without any animal-derived ingredients.

Can Monch Monch replace a meal?

Monch Monch is a dietary fiber which is not absorbed into the bloodstream and contains no nutritional content. While Monch Monch complements a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, it is not intended to replace meals. It's a smart addition to your routine for enhanced wellness.